About Us

Established in 1994 KRM has been actively operating in management and human resources consultancy. With its expanding business volume, KRM initiated a reorganization process in May 2015 resulting with the establishment of individual companies for specialized services. Founded as a KRM subsidiary in 2015, Assessment Solutions provides effective and unique business solutions to its clients with an experience of more than twenty years in Assessment and Development Center consultancy.

As the first authorized representative of the British Assessment & Development Consultants A&DC Ltd. in Turkey, Assessment Solutions implements, with its competent consultancy team, Assessment and Development Centers for a wide range of business sectors and employee work levels, tailored uniquely for the needs and requirements of its clients.

In line with the cooperation with A&DC since 2005, A&DC exercises used by KRM for 10 years in varying businesses have been customized for 12 different sectors and 10 functions.

A&DC has one of the widest exercise portfolios in the world with 7 main exercise sets comprising business simulations, all designed by industrial psychologists, validated and tested successfully for reliability.

Assessment Solutions provides its clients exercises and simulations needed for selection and recruitment processes, promotions, training requirement analysis, talent management and career planning and also supports them on project basis providing and implementing various measurement and evaluation tools including Competency and Personality Inventories, etc.

Assessment Solutions offers, on behalf of A&DC, Assessor Skills Training to its clients to help them develop their own Assessors and provides them with A&DC exercises designed for single in-house implementations.